Terms and Conditions

  • These JKEENG conditions and terms ("Terms") set out the terms of use of the JKEENG service (the "Service", the "Company"). The users of this service (the "User") are required to accept the terms and the condition of participation in JKEENG, which it is separately stipulated by the Company in relation to the use of this service.
  • The user acknowledges and agrees that the reference pages and any other pages of specified by the company are an integral part of these terms.
  • The company may make changing in the terms without notifying the user by its sole discretion. Any changes are considered effective making into the terms, when such changes are published in this service. The user is considered to have agreed to the changed terms when the user uses the service after such changes.
  • The company has the right to record and save the requests and any other information posted by the user, and, if it deemed necessary, the company would collect and store all the images and the videos, including, without limitation, the class scenes (collectively the "Information") are taken during the service’s course. The company uses the information only the purpose of proper using and management of this service. By agreeing to these terms, the user agrees that the company may store and use the information.

Applicability of these terms

  • The terms and conditions apply to any information that the company receives by any means, including the service software or email.
  • The user may enter into the separate agreements with the company (the "Separate agreements"). In such cases the separate agreements supersede that agreement.

Application for registration in the service

  • When launching the service is, the user must register using the method, specified by the company. When applying for registration, the user must agree to and comply the following points:
    • The users must install the version of software recommended by the company.
    • The user must ensure that the communication environment does not interfere using of the service.
    • The users are, who have not reached the age of majority in accordance to our current legislation, must obtain consent from a legal representative, such as a parent or a guardian, and they take classes in the presence of their parents (guardians).
    • The user must use the payment methods, which specified in the usage clause (the “Fees and payment methods’’) of these conditions for paying of the service usage fees.
    • The Service lessons may be provided by the company's subcontractors.
    • The company may use email for send notifications, questionnaires, and any other information of relating service.
  • The user’s registration for the service will be considered completed and approved when the user receives an email confirming of the completion of registration by the company.
  • The company may refuse to use the service, it cancels the user registration, or it deletes the registered user account to any of the following occurs or is discovered:
    • The registered user does not exist.
    • The user violated these terms or the applicant was rejected in during the application process or rejected in the past.
    • If the user's registration information is considered false, incorrect, or incomplete.
    • If a company, the payment service provider, designated by the company, it refuses to accept the user's payment.
    • If the user has created the multiple accounts.
    • Any other behavior is which the company considers inappropriate.

    After completing registration, the user is allowed to start using the service on the day when the company has confirmed the first payment for use (the "Start date") in accordance with the clause (the “Fee and payment methods”). However, it does not apply to the free trial lesson.

Processing of the registered information

  • Before launching the service, the user must provide the designated information for registering the service (the "Registered information"). The user agrees that the company may automatically collect data about the User's computing device and partially or completely data extracted from information provided by the User in relating to the use of the Service (the "Data"). If the registered information or data constitute the user's personal identification information under the applicable laws, the company is required to collect and use the user's identification information in accordance to the company's privacy policy.
  • The user agrees that the company will only collect data for the purposes of:
    • Operational management and service offering
    • Answering questions about products (services) and their functions
    • Processing an order from the user
    • Responding to user requests
    • Communication with the user
    • Notification of the need to update or any other information related to the service
    • Manage the user account
    • Facilitating technical assistance (including troubleshooting, security and fraud prevention) within the service
    • Geodesy and marketing for promote of this service
    • Analysis of the using of the service
    • Improving and developing of the service
    • Researching
    • Compliance of the rules or the orders of the public authorities
    • Ensuring the security or integrity of the data of the user, the employees, and the third parties, including other contractors, the public and the company's services.
  • The user agrees that the company may transfer some of the part work of the service to third parties (including, but it is limited to business partners or service providers).
  • The company will not disclose the registered information to third parties without the user's prior consent. By provided that the company may disclose the registered information without the user's prior consent in the cases, which described in the following sub-paragraphs:
    • If the information is required to be disclosed by the law
    • If refusing of disclose information would be a harm of the public interests or make to obtain the user's prior consent difficultly
    • If cooperation with the national organizations or local government authorities (including to their subcontractors) is required in ordering to comply with the law, and if contacting to the user for consenting may interfere the law’s compliance
    • If necessary, the company is exercised its rights.

Changes into the registered information

    The user acknowledges that the registered information must be accurate and updated accordingly, and if any changes are made to the registered information, these changes are immediately made by the user using the methods specified by the company. The user agrees that the company will not be liable for any loss or inconvenience caused by the user's actions or omissions.

The period of use of the service

  • The period is, during which the user is allowed to use the service (the “Period of use") is calculated for 30 days (the "Subscription"), 6 months or 12 months (the "Long-Term packages"), or for another period, specified in the service, starting from the Start date.
  • For a Subscription, the period of use can be automatically extended for another 30 days or more (the “Fees and payment methods”).

The payment methods and usage

  • The user must pay the service fees and any applicable taxes (including consumption tax or VAT and collectively referred to as "the Service fees") for using the service.
  • The user is required to pay the Service fees using the payment methods specified on the site JKEENG.COM.
  • For subscription plans the user confirms that the usage period is may automatically extended for another 30 days at the end of the usage period. Thus, the user agrees that if the user does not wish to extend the service, the user must disable the service by the method specified in the payment system by the end of the period of using.
  • Refunds are made for the remaining number of calendar days from the date of contact in the manner in which the payment for this tariff plan was made. After the expiration of the purchased tariff plan, the obligations of the performer (JKEENG.COM) cease, all lessons are considered completed on the date of the tariff plan expiration. In this case, the funds for unused lessons will not be refunded.
  • For the Long-term packages the cost of services must be fully paid at the beginning of the use period. When a refund is made for the long-term package, all promotional discounts and benefits are canceled and deducted from the refund amount.
  • Any coupons, discounts, and promotions provided by the service are at the company's sole of discretion. The company is not obliged to notify the users about the advance promotion. In addition, it is the user's responsibility to use the promotion in a timely manner. If payments are interrupted for any reason, the company is not responsible for restoring or extending promotions.

The Free trial lessons

  • When the user completes the registration of the service, the user can receive a free trial lesson (the "Free lesson").
  • If the company reasonably believes that multiple accounts have been registered to use the free lessons or for any other inappropriate purposes, the company may not provide the free lessons to these relevant accounts.

The Lessons

  • The Lessons will be continued 25 minutes each and they cannot be extended or interrupted unless otherwise specified. If the user is late to participate in a lesson, the user agrees the duration of the corresponding lesson will be reduced accordingly.
  • Regardless of whether the user responds on the company or on the teacher, who is assigned to the lesson, if the lesson does not start within 15 minutes for the scheduled start time, the company may conclude that the user is not ready to attend the lesson. The company has the right to terminate the lesson as abandoned.
  • If the user repeatedly fails to attend the classes without any prior notice or the user behaves in any inappropriate way during the lessons, the company may send the user warnings or other similar notifications.
  • The company will not compensate for any damages, losses or inconvenience caused by the missed lessons, the unregistered lessons or the unattended lessons.
  • If a lesson is shortened by more than 10 minutes for reasons, related to the teacher, the company is obligated to compensate the lesson. The designated teacher is responsible for the delay and the company is not obligated to explain the reason of decision.

The Booking lessons

  • The user has the right to book lessons to 1 hour before the scheduled start time of the lesson for the availability of lessons.
  • The user has the right to cancel the reserved lesson to 24 hours before the scheduled start time on the service's web page (hereinafter referred to as the" Website") a way of determined by the company.
  • The user can book a lesson 7 days in advance. However, the maximum number of lessons that will be reserved will vary depending on the service, it purchased by the user.
  • The Booking lesson will be completed when the user's booking status is reflected on the site properly.
  • The company may cancel a user's booked lesson, if the designated teacher is unable to teach the lesson for unavoidable reasons. In this case the company will reimburse the user for the corresponding lesson.
  • The user agrees that if the cancellation is caused by reasons not related to the company, the company has the right to cancel the lesson at its sole discretion, and the company is not obligated to explain the reasons or details of the cancellation.

The Review about the lesson

  • The user has the right to give feedback (including an assessment and a comment to the lesson or to the teacher, collectively the "EVALUATION").
  • The user cannot edit, update, or delete a content after the published review.
  • The company may perform the "EVALUATION" check and display the "EVALUATION" after the "EVALUATION" is deemed appropriate. The company is not obliged to explain the reason if the "EVALUATION" is not displayed on the site.
  • The company has the right to remove the "EVALUATION", it displayed on the website without a prior notice, if the content of “EVALUATION " is considered inappropriate. In such cases the user agrees that the company is not obligated to explain the reason.
  • The user agrees that the company may use without a limitation any comments that the user posts as the "EVALUATION" on the service's website or social networks for the purpose of promoting or publishing the service.

The Prohibited conduct

  • The user is prohibited any of the actions, which listed in the following subparagraphs during the classes or any other use in the service relation:
    • Transfer, force other people to use, sell, change an ownership, pawn or pawn the user's right to the Service use
    • Transfer the passwords and any other information related to the user's account to third parties
    • Violate the company rights, the teacher or any third parties with respect to a honor, a trust, the copyrights, the patent rights, the design rights, the trademarks, a privacy
    • Behave inappropriately during the lessons, it is contrary to a public order, the politics and the morals
    • Prevent the work of service
    • Use the service for the purposes of the user's own commercial activities
    • Encourage, cause or promote an illegal behavior among other users or teachers
    • Cause other users or teachers financial, emotional or any other inconvenience
    • Commit a crime or behave inappropriately at the lesson
    • Obstruct a work at the lessons or behave inappropriately during the lessons
    • Drink alcohol or smoke during the lessons or be in a state of intoxication
    • To be in an underwear, to be insufficiently clothed or wear immodest clothing, which the teachers are made to feel uncomfortable (embarrassed) during the lesson
    • Disclose the content of lesson, distribute the images, the videos, the recordings, the content of requests into the company and its responses without the company's prior permission
    • Disclose an confidential information such as a teacher recruitment, a call center location, Internet communications system information and other information
    • Ask, hire or persuade the teachers to be members of a religious or political organization, the multi-level marketing systems or any other group
    • Establish a personal contact with the teachers directly or indirectly through the agents, online or offline, via email or any other social communication tools such as the social networks
    • Engage or encourage the teachers to enter into the contracts with other companies or any other legal entity which it offers competitive or similar services
    • Use profanity or behave aggressively towards the company or the teachers or interfere the business work
    • register the multiple accounts
    • Allow to participate any non-registered persons at the lessons without a company's permission
    • Make the multiple cancellations and the booking lessons
    • Try to get a teachers ' schedule or negotiate with the teachers in ways which they are not related to the service
    • Post comments are not related to the teacher
    • Excessively repeat the requests to the company or make the excessive demands on the company
    • Any other behavior or an action is not specified above and that the company considers inappropriate
  • The company has the right to make a judgment on whether the user's behavior will be considered unacceptable in its sole discretion and the company is not obligated to explain the reason.
  • The company is not responsible for any damage or inconvenience caused by the company's decision and incurred by the user, unless it has been proven to be due to gross negligence.
  • Regardless of whether the user has canceled the own membership in the service, the user will be liable for any damage, any losses or any inconveniences which they caused to the company or any third party if the losses are related to the user's violation of any use terms.

Suspension, interruption and cancellation of the service

  • The company may suspend, terminate, terminate or cancel the user's membership (the "Suspension») without any notification, if the company finds that any of the following points applies to the user:
    • The user does not respond to the warnings or any other similar notification
    • If the user participates in any prohibited actions provided for in the clause (the Prohibited behavior)
    • If the user violates any of the rules defined in these terms.
    • The user did not follow the instructions of company or the designated teacher
    • When there are reports about an inappropriate user behavior from the designated teacher
    • For any reasons that the company considers inappropriate for the user using the service.
  • A compensation will not be made by the company if a suspension is applied for any specified reason in the clause (The Suspension, the interruption and the cancellation of service)
  • The company is not responsible for any damage, any losses or any inconveniences suffered by the user as a result of a suspension specified in the clause (The Suspension, the interruption and the cancellation of service)

The Cancellation of membership

  • For cancellation of membership (The "Cancellation"), the user must request it in the manner specified separately by the company. The user loses the service member status at the end of the usage period if the cancellation is handled appropriately. The cancellation process is completed after the company confirms the request and it sends a confirmation email to the user.
  • The cancellation must be completed by the first day of the next use period. If the cancellation is not completed within the specified use period, the cancellation will be completed from the use period after the next end of the use period.
  • Upon the completion of cancellation, the user will completely lose all relevant rights by a relation to the service and the user will not be able to make any claims against the company.
  • If the company or a third party suffers the losses it caused by the user's behavior in relation to the service, the user will be a legally liable for these losses even after the completed cancellation.

The Notifications from the Company

  • The company may send the service notifications to the email address registered by the user (the "Designated email address") on THE JKEENG account information page (collectively the "Pages"). The Notifications are considered received by the user when it is sent an email to the specified email address.
  • The user must register the same email address on the pages specified in the paragraph (The Notifications from the company) and maintain an environment for receiving the notifications from the company.
  • If the user changes the own email address, then the user must update the assigned email address on the above pages. The company does not accept any liability for damage by the incurred user dues to the inability to save the updated email address as it required above there.

The Suspension of service, the termination of service

  • The company may decide its sole discretion, it changes the content of service or it suspends or it terminates a part or all service (collectively, "The Change and the termination"). The notification will be sent to the user via the website or to the specified email address. However, the user acknowledges that the service may be suspended or terminated without any notice for reasons beyond from the company.
  • The company will make reasonable efforts to notify the user in advance of the cancellation of lessons due to a regular maintenance or any unavoidable reasons (the "Canceled lesson") by means of information on the website or by email. The user agrees that refunds will not be given in a connection with the canceled lesson.
  • The company is not responsible for any damage or any inconvenience (including the canceled lesson) which the user or any third parties are incurred by as a result of The Suspension of service, the termination of service

The responsibility of user

  • The user will be solely responsible for any behavior related to the use of service, as well as for any results or any consequences thereof.
  • The user will be solely for any damage or any losses incurred by the company, the company's staff (including its officers, its representatives, and its employees), the teachers (including the designated teacher), other users or any other third parties in a relation to the use of service (including the user's failure of the terms and the conditions).

The Copyright and the right of ownership

  • The Copyright and the right of ownership of the video recordings, the images, the voice recordings, the trademarks, the logos, the text, and other materials (The "intellectual property Rights") that they are used in a connection with the service they are owned by the company or any other party providing company. The user is prohibited from using, copying or uploading the information to any magazines or any websites or distributing intellectual property rights to third parties without the company's permission.
  • If the User violates The Copyright and the right of ownership, the company may take the legal proceedings (including, but not limited to, sending a warning or a complaint seeking a compensation for the damages seeking an injunction) against the user under the applicable laws.

The Denial from the responsibility

The user agrees that the company will not be liable for any loss or any inconvenience caused by the situations listed below.

  • Even if the User is not satisfied the service for the following reasons:
    • The user cannot book a lesson on the desired date or time
    • The user cannot book a lesson with the desired teacher
    • The user cannot take the reserved lessons
    • The lesson is interrupted or the lesson suspended due to a power outage, a network failure, a communication failure or any other problems that it occurs near the designated teacher's residence or the designated teacher's location
    • The user is liable for the damages or the inconvenience caused by an illegal access to or an alteration of the user's information or any other form of illegal or malicious practices on the part of third parties
  • The service or the lesson is provided by the service and its educational effectiveness, its validity, its accuracy or its reliability do not meet the user's expectations
  • The third-party service or the materials are provided or recommended by the company in a relation to the service and its effectiveness, its validity, its security or its accuracy do not meet the user's expectations
  • If the user experiences the problems or the inconveniences due to the psychological environment
  • If the user experiences the problems or the inconveniences due to a website or a content that is managed or provided by a third party and it is linked to the website
  • If the user is unable to use the service due to any malfunctions, any problems, or any other problems related to the software, the third-party software (including Skype or other means of communication), or any other services provided by the company's designated the business partners
  • If the user's hardware is infected or exposed to a computer virus through the files, the images or any other material opened or downloaded at the user's own risk
  • If the user cannot use or access the service due to a password loss or other reasons related to the user
  • Any information is complete, accurate, up-to-date and secure provided on the site

Without the guarantee

The user agrees that the company does not guarantee anything in respect of the following sub-clauses:

  • The user can book lessons at the right time or with the desired teacher.
  • The service lesson is effective in education, valid, accurate, suitable, and authentic.
  • The service is properly provided in the environment recommended by the company.
  • The Third-party software provided or recommended for use or using in relation to the service is secure.
  • The Information, the links, the URLS and the files are provided during use of the service or on the website they are complete, accurate, updated, and secure.
  • Using website is operated by the third parties and any information related to or associated with the company it is accurate or secure.

The transfer of business

The user agrees that if the service is transferred to a third party, the company has the right to transfer to the recipient all rights and all obligations in accordance with the terms, including, but not limited to, the company's legal status as a service provider, the user's membership status in the service, the user's registered information and any other relevant data.

The Divisibility

If any provision of terms is found to be invalid or unenforceable by a court or a consumer contract act of competent jurisdiction, the validity of the remaining provisions will not be affected in any way. In this case the user agrees to replace the invalid or unenforceable provision with a provision as close as possible to the original intent of the invalid or unenforceable provision.

Displaying the date and the time of service

  • By using the service, all relevant dates and times, such as the start date, service fee payment deadline, and deadlines for various applications are displayed based on the time zone of the country where the service is located.
  • Time in the service is calculated or calculated according to the company's criteria.

Applicable law and court of exclusive jurisdiction

The terms and the conditions will be governed by and construed solely in accordance to the laws of Russia, without regard to a conflict of laws principles. The user agrees that any disputes are arising between the company and the users in a relation to or in the connection with the service, the services and the terms of use will be resolved under the jurisdiction of the Nizhny Novgorod district court as an exclusive court.

Revision: February 25, 2021