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We have excellent teachers from around the world who have experience in teaching English. The teachers are thoroughly trained and join the JKEENG team. You can see our teachers here.

Finding a teacher

With our teacher directory you can choose the teacher you like. Choose a suitable time for you and press the "OPEN" button


If you want to choose a native speaker, then click “NATIVE”, if you want to choose a teacher for classes with children, then click “KIDS”

If this is your first time booking a lesson, don't worry, our teachers are prepared to work with all levels of knowledge.

After your lesson

Rate the teacher

After the lesson, you can evaluate the Teacher. Please write a review about the teacher and select the appropriate number of stars. Your feedback is very important to us as it helps us improve our system.

Favorite teachers

If you find a teacher that suits you, you can add him to your "Favorite Teachers" list.

Go to the teacher's profile and click "BOOKMARK":

As soon as you add the teacher to your "Favorites", the heart will be painted over.

You can see your favorite teachers in the menu, on the left side of the page in your personal account “Favorite Teachers”.

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If you still have questions, write a message to or use the feedback form "Contact Us"