Frequently asked questions and answers

One-on-one lessons are done with a teacher in an online format via a video conferencing system on the school website. You will need high-speed Internet, a modern Internet browser, a microphone and a webcam.

Tariff plans are designed to help you achieve your goals. Each student chooses the intensity of their classes, from one to two classes per day. The number of sessions will be based on your personal schedule, how much you want to learn and whether you want to have them daily. (To learn more)

You have the opportunity to choose and change Jkeeng Teachers at your request at any time during your studies. Only Certified Jkeeng Teachers may be used.(Our teachers)

Yes. They are perfect for children. We only have certified teachers with extensive experience in teaching English. They know how to approach each student. Recommended for children over 7 years old.

Yes, it is enough. In this format, the lessons are very effective, without stress and fatigue. Students who want to study for more than 25 minutes can take double lessons of 50 minutes.(To learn more)

Yes. All purchased lessons expire at the end of the subscription period. Don't wait to get the maximum benefit and knowledge during your subscription (To learn more)

All levels of English are welcome. Our team of teachers will help you achieve the desired result.

Yes. We issue a certificate on the number of classes you have completed, indicating the hours of training. (from 30 hours)

  • 100% of the lesson time is devoted to you. You get the maximum possible results.
  • 25 minute lessons are efficient and fast. You can always find time to learn a language in your busy schedule.
  • Individual approach to each student. Building a personal learning plan. (homework of your choice)
  • Only certified teachers with extensive experience in teaching English.

Your location can be anywhere. For your convenience, our website has been translated into 5 languages, and the video system through which the lessons take place has been translated into 34 languages.

A&Q Questions and Answers

If you still have questions, please contact us by any of the methods described on the feedback page.